Eden savage guide

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Eden savage guide

Post a Comment. Watch the video guide below! Please subscribe if you find it helpful. Superstorm - raid-wide AoE. Occluded Front - orbs outside will do straight-line AoE across the arena.

Avoid the orbs from breaking the tethers.

FFXIV - Memoria Misera (Extreme) Guide

Stack with your partners from previous mechanic. It will leave a puddle AoE that will explode so step away afterwards. Ferostorm - big conal AoE opposite from each other around boss. Look for the blades and then avoid. Stack with your partner in your quadrant and decide whether to get pushed together or use anti-knockback skills.

Vacuum Slice - splits the arena horizontally or vertically. You will then be pushed inwards along with AoE orbs towards the straight-line AoE in the middle. Position carefully. Sample: 3 orbs on left, 4 orbs on right. Check orb pattern, adjust position and make sure pairs won't stack near another pair.

If 3 orbs left of photo - pairs stand between orbs on the edge. If 4 orbs right of photo - pairs stand on the outer edge. Touchdown - proximity AoE from north. Don't stay too close. Tankbuster Combo. Hands of Flame - tether to MT.

Tankswap while this is being cast. Instant Incineration - tankbuster. Tank without debuff must be the one to take this with cooldowns. Bait it away from the party to the edge. Meteor Strike - AoE on where the new tank was. He must move away when this is cast.Post a Comment.

Eden's Gate: Resurrection (Savage) Raid Strategy Guide

Empty Wave - raid-wide AoE. Target tank uses invulnerability on both hits or. Void Gates and Balls. Portals will spawn at the south- always Red on Lane 2, Blue on Lane 3. They will do straight-line AoE towards south. Dodge both pairs. Note which Portal Color at the south will be hit first by the 1st pair of Balls. Balls on Lanes 1 and 3 will rush first, hitting Blue first.

East Portals will always fire Balls based on which color was first hit previously. The color that will be hit first on the West Portals will be the basis for the next sets. To dodge, sidestep on the adjacent tiles on either the East or West highlighted areas:. Basing from the right photo above, next set would be Blue first and then Red. Everyone stack in the middle for the next mechanic. Everyone to be teleported relative to where the markers are positioned on their character. Follow positioning.

Unshadowed Stake. Another AoE on everyone that will leave a big puddle where they exploded. Move to your assigned position to drop puddles on Lanes 2 and 3.

eden savage guide

Move outwards after Balls 1 and 4 resolve to avoid the upcoming Balls 2 and 3. Follow positioning below. Have the Tanks move both adds to the south a bit so it won't get close to N Add when it moves. N Add will either move to left or right corner.

eden savage guide

Adds should not be close to each other so adjust accordingly. If he goes to left, rotation will be counter-clockwise.Simply move out of the way. After the cast, it will summon winged enemies that you cannot target, you must dodge them and then they will disappear. These enemies will appear often throughout the fight and will take different paths depending on the timing.

This is more of a concern for melee jobs that may have a bit of a reduced field of vision depending on their camera angle, so stay attentive. Doomvoid Slicer — Arena-wide AoE that has its safe zone right next to the boss. Hustle inside to dodge it. The winged enemies will once again appear and head in towards the safe zone around the boss. Tanks pop the cooldowns and healers be ready to heal if needed.

Dark Fire — Large AoE markers will target certain party members. Unholy Darkness — Stack AoE attack. Just gather up to reduce the damage for everyone getting hit. Spell in Waiting — When the Voidwalker uses this, whatever spell he is using will be delayed, be it Dark Fire or Unholy Darkness for example, and a clock will countdown over your head also signified by a status effect you can check on yourself.

For example. The Unholy Darkness goes off first then once that is done, people who got hit with the Dark Fire need to split up like they normally would. However, it will occasionally summon five purple markers that one player will want to stand on before the attack goes off. It will damage whoever enters it, but will prevent high damage being afflicted to the rest of the raid party.

Shadoweye — Someone gets hit with a gaze icon. This can also be used with spell in waiting, so keep in mind the way that mechanic works while other spells are going off. Hopefully, this guide helped. This time around you get a lot more loot, enough for everyone in the raid, assuming everyone has different needs of course.

Connect with us. Continue Reading. To Top.The big difference with Shadowbringers is that most of the loot drops will be coffersrather than individual pieces of gear. I think overall this is an improvement to the savage loot system.

Each week you get one chance to roll for loot on each floor. On the other hand, if you get very lucky, you could win more than one piece of loot from a fight. These books can be saved up and traded to Yhal Yal in Eulmore Furthermore, the amount of loot that drops from the fight will be penalized if anyone in the party has already cleared the fight that week.

Normally, two treasure chests drop, but If party members have already cleared, there will only be one treasure chest instead of two. For example, if you were to enter E2S without clearing E1S that week, you would immediately forfeit any chance at loot for E1S for the week. Simply entering the instance is enough to skip over your loot from the previous floors.

This includes the books that drop directly into your inventory.

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Best of luck in the party finder! What do you think of the new savage loot system? Are you happy with the addition of gear coffers, or do you wish Shadowbringers had kept the old loot drop mechanics? I'm an avid gamer who loves to think about efficiency, planning, and general geekiness applied to my favourite video games. I write guides and offer tips to help new and returning players. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Eligibility for Loot Each week you get one chance to roll for loot on each floor. Related Posts Tomestones of Phantasmagoria.

eden savage guide

How Should I Spend Them? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.This guide is an alternative to video guides that explains mechanics in order and the strategies I have used to overcome them. These strategies are not the only way to handle these mechanics and I encourage you to experiment with what works best for you. More on this later. For Fury's Fourteen, assign a position 1 through 7 from north to south for each player other than the MT. Melee should get the northmost positions, as those will be near the boss.

Healers should be on opposite sides i.

FFXIV Shadowbringers: Eden’s Gate Descent Boss Guide (E2)

The rest of the positions should not matter, assign them as works best for your team. You should also decide whether this debuff will be passed clockwise or counter-clockwise.

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Everyone should stay relatively close to the boss, as the first mechanic will spawn Surge Protection orbs that are consumed when stepped on. Do not pick these up too early, or you will die when you need them. This is a simple, moderate damage raidwide AoE. Judgement Volts will spawn Surge Protection orbs around the arena in one of a few fixed patterns. Ramuh will spawn 4 spears at each intercardinal of the arena.

Keep an eye out when they spawn and have the entire party move against the edge of the arena by the one short spear. Standing anywhere else on the area will result in instant death.

As you move to avoid these AoEs, this is a good time for each player to pick up one of the orbs on the field, as you'll need them for an upcoming mechanic. Make sure no one but the off-tank picks up more than 1. Picking up 4 orbs will leave you with a debuff called Static Condensation that reduces healing recieved. Ramuh summons an add at the edge of arena.

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This add tethers to the player with the highest amount of Surge Protection stacks. If your Off Tank does not have more than your other players when this add spawns, they should make sure to pick them up now. If any of your other players have 3 stacks, they are probably going to die. While the add is tethered to a player, it will periodically hit them for moderate damage, hitting 5 times in total. After hits, the add will hit the tethered player with a large magical damage buster.

It is important that the OT moves around with the tether and does not let the add come in contact with them. If it does, they will instantly take lethal damage. This ability, signified by large purple lightning orbs orbiting the boss, signifies that Ramuh's next ability is enhanced.

When you see this cast, ensure you have at least one stack of Surge Protection to survive. This stack will be removed once you are hit. If you picked up an orb while moving out to dodge Stratospearyour Surge Protection should last through the next cast just fine.This guide is an alternative to video guides and general information for latecomers who don't want to learn by experimentation.

The strategies I cover in this guide are not the only way to handle their respective mechanics, only the most common that are used in PUGs. Now without further ado, here are the horrible things Leviathan will do to you and how to live through them. Leviathan's tankbuster, Rip Current is a 2-hit, vuln-applying tankbuster. It comes often enough that each tank will exhaust their invulnerability CDs taking it one at a time.

One of every 4 tankbusters must be provoked mid-cast by the off-tank to share damage. Decide which order this will be done in ahead of time. Decide which side of the arena East or West tankbusters will be taken on for Storm Horizon. It doesn't matter which, just pick one, make sure everyone knows and remember it. Decide positions for split group mechanics. One healer, one tank, two dps on each side, in a line from north to south. These groups will split to east and west of the center platform for Freak Waveand split to the platform of their respective side during split platform phases.

An optimal party composition would do something like illustrated below. The first tankbuster, hinted by an orange target marker on the main tank. Handle as decided pre-pull. This buster is also a line AoE and can cleave the party, just as in normal mode so point it away from the group. A waterfall will appear on the east or west of the arena and Leviathan will begin casting Undersea Quake - you should use Surecast or Arm's Length to nullify the knockback from Tidal Wave around the time the cast bar passes the "Q" in Undersea Quake.

Any earlier and the effect will wear off before the knockback hits. The east and west thirds approx of the arena will be destroyed, and anyone on them will instantly fall to their death. The knockback from Tidal Wave will hit as this is happening.

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During this time you should head to the north of the arena to prepare for Temporary Current. Much like normal mode, this is a diagonal AoE that covers most of the platform and will kill anyone caught inside instantly.

This one casts much faster than normal mode, so be on the ball and pre-position to the corrent safe zone opposite from the side of the arena Leviathan's head appears, as illustrated below. This is a baited AoE that targets every player. Stack up together in the center at max melee range to drop them in the same spot, then split to the positions you decided pre-pull to deal with Freak Wave.

Circle AoE on each player. Remember the position you decided on pre-pull and stay there until it goes off. Immediately following the animation for Freak Wave, prepare for another Temporary Current coming from the opposite direction as the last one. If you are one of the four players in the rear, you only have time to get to the safe zone in the south.

If you are one of the four players towards the boss, you only have time to get to the safe zone in the north. Pay attention to the first cast of Temporary Current so you know ahead of time where you're going to go.

Comprehensive (E5S) Ramuh Savage Guide

Leviathan becomes untargetable and disappears from the arena, dropping 3 small puddles in random spots. These puddles will expand, inflicting heavy and moderate damage to anyone that stands in them. They will disappear and be replaced by other puddles partway through.

Two portals will appear on a North or South, then East or West half of the arena, just as in normal mode. You need to get to the quarter of the arena not targeted by a wormhole while avoiding puddles, as beautifully illustrated below. This is a semi-complicated mechanic that applies debuffs to all party memebrs that must be dealt with in specific ways. Both healers will be afflicted with Smothering Tsunami, they will stack together with the 3 players they split to sides with to eat the shared damage from this debuff when it falls off 25 seconds after application.

All non-healers will recieve the Swirling Waters debuff, which will deal damage in a donut AoE around the player when it falls off 25 seconds after application.

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eden savage guide

Here we go back with new macro, we killed it with Pugs by using this macro, of course, don't hesitate to comment below to add some upgrades to it. Likes: 1 Likes: 0. Sort by oldest Sort by most recent comment. I've used a little different variation of this macro. Basically in our delta and orb posirions healers and range was switched.

H1 with R1 and H2 with R2. Theres really much moving around for the healers involved in your positionings imo moving back and forth. I used your frame but came up with the same positions as Udogein above since they make much more sense movement wise.

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